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Hey H.O.T. and BenchTec: nice fight


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That would be a different type of team ranking. Not better per se.

Instead of blaming the rules, I'd blame the users who are moving :P.


I thought about that kinda ranking (as in e.g. F@H it is exactly that way) and somehow liked that idea. some "heavyweights" seem to have fun pushing any team up and down with their continues movings (have seen people changing for like 4 or 5 times during the last years).


In the end yes, you can only blame the users for moves like that...





...but after all thoose years you should have remarked we are all having fun blaming you for everything going wrong in the world - the economical crysis, natural desasters, stupid politics, the war in the Iraq - it's all your fault JP! totlach.gif:D


Oh and while I am on it saying nice things to you: hope you had a nice christmas with your family and all the best for 2011. Have a good start into the new year!! :cool:

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That would be a start. People would think before joining a team a bit longer.


We just had the same situation when some guys came (they didn't had many points but that doesn't matter here) and left just few days later. It confused the team and it wasn't helpfull at all. we would have preferred thoose guys not to join the team at all.


but how long is reasonable? 6 month? 12 month? I know some of the ongoing things lately have been planned longer so for some things it won't help at all but to prevent some short-timed jumpings it could help :)

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That somehow doesn't make sense for me. When you decide to leave a team without joining a new one you'll be bound to "teamless" according to the new rule. I think that is what you mean?


You got it.

This would stop ppl to jump from one team to another within a shot amount of time.

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