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but I use default settings.I'm not using the profetional version of the 3dmark06,so I can not change the resolution settings :confused:


You then have to plug it into a monitor capable of 1280X1024. Your current monitor/display is probably not capable of this so the benchmark runs at the best it can get from that monitor BUT that is not good enough for a valid score. Guessing you are on a laptop? Can you hook it up to a monitor capable of 1280X1024 and run the benchmark using that?

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can someone please check the scores of ribeirocross please.


it is not possible to change multiplier on slot cpu´s

if you chnage it by using the dip switches the system or cpu-z gives you crappy information about the used cpu.


a multiplier of 2.5 would mean he used a pentium 2 165mhz (2,5x66mhz (fsb)) but there has never been such a cpu ;)

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It says in the verification screen plainly visible 6800 GT - not 6800 [blank] ;)




this also...





Since this was the same user with the same setup and the same freqs, there's strong indication that this also was a 6800 GT.


Not so interesting since this is an old card?

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The problem about these verifications is that it doesn't work right, so even if all you have is a not valid checksum the result can't be blocked:rolleyes:


hmm,it doesn't make any sens:confused:


next two scores without resolution and checked by moderator



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A few days ago, I've reported this score from the 6800 AGP category (note: NON-Ultra, NON-GT)


Note that it even says in the description, that it's an Ultra, not a plain vanilla 6800.


Accidentally I've stumbled upon it again today and took a look into the change-log (the little open book icon): http://www.hwbot.org/result.history.do?resultId=785521


Apparently it was modified and checked by a moderator - but nothing was done to move it into the fitting category.


What for is result moderation if not for correcting those mistakes? I can understand it, if it takes a while since all team members seem to be doing this in their spare time which i greatly appreciate, but apparently time was not an issues here, since a moderator took a look at the result but decided not to do anything.


Here's a screenshot-collage, if, for some reason, the links should not work correctly:




If it's just taking more time for the database to incorporate changed results, please disregard this post.




Same thing here:

http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=780437 (I did not bother taking screenshots this time..)

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I submitted this for moderation the other day, but I have not seen anyone check it. This one is a simple case of using Nvidia PhysX drivers in a vantage benchmark. The Orb link confirms that improper drivers were used and the CPU score with a Q6600 at 3.0ghz is impossible unless using PhysX.




Here is his vantage compare url:



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