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-> Validated score still wrong? Let us know here

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Thanks for fixing two scores, but why don't the third one:


just look at the description - if owner says, that card has 1710 mem clocks it can't be ddr2 card

and two more results:



The same issue :/



One more:


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Check the screenshot , antialiazing is off in the Score result only for the Score number :) ..... I think he use Photoshop to wrote the Number. Here an compare between Hipros Result window and from this user both on WindowsXP


Left the Score Window from PCBeast , right the score window from Hipro




Second he has an Q9650 CPU but the 3dmark03 Window shows only the Frequency (tipical for an i7 CPU) not the whole CPU - String like on all other 3dmark03 Scores for this CPU

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Is this score a cheat?>




Although it may be before the date for needing GPU-Z, which it was originally moderated for, If you checkthe screenshot link and look closely the score tab shows 14206 marks but on the 3DMark 05 tab in the result part it shows 1407** where the user has tried to cover with CPU-Z memory tab !



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  • Crew

Those scores are exactly the same, same username as well, just written a bit different, you will see what I mean when you look at them. One of the scores needs to be deleted:



Also it's weird, for one user I can access his profile, for the other one it's not possible. How is that possible?

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* gpu-z in screenshot, dropdown must be visible if you run in SLI so all videocards are identified. Rivatuner may be used if GPU-Z fails to identify videocard properly (as of 8 oct 2007)

According the rules, If I use crossfireX dropdown isn't neccesary?

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OverDozeD, don't try to mess with us just because your score was blocked. If you try to find loopholes in rules just to find them, we'll apply them very strict when we come across your results ...


Just to point out: yes, please show the dropdown box. Scores won't be blocked if only the dropdown box isn't shown, though.

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OverDozeD, don't try to mess with us just because your score was blocked

Actually I didn't think of to mess with you:)


I don't care about score, that was good lesson for me

but the question was quite serious, not kiddin or smth like that.


thx 4 reply

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