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-> Validated score still wrong? Let us know here

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Check this submit




Well 6600 Gt in PcMark Vantage that is impossible , but more IMPOSSIBLE is that score for single 9800GT

Quad 6600 2.7Ghz

Core Vga 745 Mhz

Mem : 1082 Mhz





This bench is 9800GT in SLI, is the only way to achieve this score with a 9800Gt ;)

Or this guy has the best Tweak of the history of OC::D:D



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In HD 3200 results all of then doesn't show screen resolution:










Thanks for advance.


I wanted to know if the option "report entry" is still working on, because, before when i used it change its color, and not now.

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how is it not fixed?

step1: is the score suspicious ?


Sorry but ... what you mention is at least step-4


The 1st step is about rules for everybody.


Otherwise ... i can point you about 600 results non-suspicious to unblock or un-erase.

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@jmke, could you take a look at these results too please.


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cheat, 8600gt ddr3 card used as quadro fx 1700 using rivatuner. quadro fx 1700 has ddr2 while this card has ddr3 ram (reported on 30th jan)



Are you sure, what such modification is possible? Please, give me the link to more detailed information.

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^^am not sure how hes done that, but as you can see from nvidias web page -


the quadro 1700 never had ddr3 ram. also in the gpuz screenie manufacturer is Asus which is not possible as only Leadtek and PNY make quadro cards, so manufacturer should appear as either leadtek, PNY or nvidia.

tiborr had mentioned in some post that rivatuner can be used to do this, hence i mentioned rivatuner.

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