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Result from user that doesn't exist: www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=500660.

Result from no user at all: www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=731309 (no "member info" button present).

And this is interesting... this user does exist, but you can't find this result 761331 from users submitted results list (plus no "member info" button present).

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Are these submitted in the wrong category. Northwood A cpus are x24 multi afaik....

There seems to be many more of them too, this is but a few from the first page: http://hwbot.org/searchResults.do?direction=&applicationId=13&teamId=0&userName=&gpu=&numberOfVideocards=0&cpu=Pentium+4+2.4Ghz+B+Northwood++%28366%29&chipset=&model=&manufacturer=&minScore=&maxScore=&gpuId=0&cpuId=333&chipsetId=0&modelId=0&manufacturerId=0&offset=0&displayAdvanced=false&countryId=0&dateFrom=&dateUntil=&minGpuCoreFreq=&maxGpuCoreFreq=&minGpuMemFreq=&maxGpuMemFreq=&minCpuFreq=&maxCpuFreq=&system=&minTotalPoints=


Also there seems to be a number of x24 multi submissions under the Northwood B category, which I believe should be x18 multi.








Was/is there a quick fix to unlock/change the multi for these cpus that indicates that these enties are correct anyway? Or is the info I find on hwbot (quick-search says Northwood A is 100MHz fsb, and northwood B is 133MHz, which indicates I'm right in assuming Northwood A is x24) and wiki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Intel_Pentium_4_microprocessors) wrong?


This might need a cleanup...

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it was cooled with Prometeia MachII ST, quite a beast, original score posted 21st December 2004! So definitely NOT a Venice core!




it's NewCastle and many at our (then very active forums) tried to beat that score for months:)


don't report scores just because somebody scored better;)


If I had known the submission date was in 2004 and not in 2006 (which is what it says when I look at the details) I wouldn't have reported it.


Seriously, if a 2 year old score with no verification suddenly drops into first place, you have to understand that I'm asking questions. But if you say it's real I believe it. If you get a chip that can do the necessary HTT, then this score isn't unbelieavable. But yeah, you need phase:p Or in my case - dryice.


PS: that score is going DOWN!!:D

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The result is too old.


Oh, I see. So though the result is not submitted properly, it will get right after some time. Interesting point. How long exactly is "too old"?


I take it you know a lot of people spend a lot of time benching old hardware for the whole purpose of getting points on Hwbot to help the team, because they cannot affort new stuff, don't you? Your answer is a straight kick in the nuts for those guys...

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sorry, that score is more than 1 year old


Yeah, but still... It's an unreasonable score for that chip on air cooling, if you look into it you'll see that it fits much better amongst the 3400+ ATHLON's. You can move such old scores if you want to, I'm not asking it to be deleted because of the mission screenshot. Just moved to the category where it MOST LIKELY belongs. This isn't the first time anyone put an Athlon in a Sempron ranking...

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that a score from 2004 even! lol :)

I moved it to Athlon 64 Newcastle S754 , I don't think there was a S754 Sempron 3400+ in 2004


It's a clawhammer, it says so in his signature;) And yes, there were no 3400+ semprons at that time (the highest rated sempron was the 3000+, which was a paris core AFAIK).

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http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=710566 - ddr2 memory, so can't be a Newark core;) He has some other scores listed in the mobile sempron 3400+ keene-category (which uses DDR2 memory), I guess that's where it belongs.


PS: it's a VERY good idea to ask for a verification image even for wprime benches, the auto-CPU-detect isn't working properly... Just a thought.


Edit: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=687005 - this one is not a mobile clawhammer...

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