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Hiding my hand till the last few days.

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#sandbag :D


That's not right. He's not an Aussie!


Btw @Massman the rules are messed up. Shows HWBot prime but is cinebench r15. Just saying.


Oh, and rig pics. There's a submission in the R15 stage with a 6700k at 5.2 1.7v on water. I want to see this miraculous cooling system.

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I personally can do the less stressful benchmarks at 5.0 Ghz on my AIO water with the AC cranked up in the house (I have my computer sitting on top of the vent in the summer). I plan on de-lidding soon and if all goes well I may be able to hit 5.2 or 5.3 without crashing, but only me doing it will tell what difference it makes.


It's highly possible he's already de-lidded. MaxKing was a runner up in the last Rookie Rumble (I think he was like 5th or 6th place, I was 2nd) , so he could possibly be running water with a lapped IHS and cooler with a de-lidded chip.


That's what I'm about to do at least.

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His last cpu subs, 4790k, 6700k, 6600k were dice according to him, all corrected - I see no reason to have doubts about other subs, 4,9ghz for example 3d stable is easy even on air with good cpu :) - so I would prefer "wrong" according to his last subs above "fake" ^^

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Only to find out your not the only holding off on subing scores and your the one that needs higher scores :P


Yeah pretty much and Australia is masters at it because we pay no attention to the scores that up are up and instead focus on getting the best scores we possibly can

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  • 2 weeks later...

"You all are going to have to bust those butts to beat em"

Why do I get the feeling you've got too confident too quick and are gonna get your arse handed to you on a plate lol.

I wish you well knowing you struggled last time, im watching for your sandbagged results with anticipation!

Especially when it says on your wall its a shame people are sandbagging ;)

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