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Z97X SOC Force socket bracket


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Friend of mine asked me looong time ago to make sth like this for this board with no holes. Having a while today I ended up with something like this. Still it needs some modifications, but looks like it's working.


I made new 4mm thick aluminium backplate. It was designed for pot with 45x45mm square base or 54mm round. No idea how it will work with most popular pots. Bracket is 8mm thick to make some stiffness with such thin walls. Not to mention about capacitors and RAM slots, which are very close to the bracket.


Assembly is really not convienient considering fact, that it has to be done with half-opened socket, but I don't have idea how to make it in different way.











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I like this bracket for all Mb not only for MB without holes. What is price for your masterpiece :D


That one was not a masterpiece, this one is better :) For now I've got compatibility with F1 Dark (thanks to GtiJason for dimensions), my CPU pot and 54mm evap, which is commonly used in phase change coolers. Mounting it together is way more convienient and there is also a clearance for RAM pot. CPU is not in the center, but it was the only way to make it working.


I'm not sure about copatibility with fat non tapered pots.


I think that 50 euro will be proper price for this set. I'd like to make 5-10 pieces depends on interest. If anybody needs it for a certain pot, I'd need dimensions to check.











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