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World Tour 2017 Kick-Off at CES in Las Vegas


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Hey Guys,


I'm sure you are all excited to find out more about the World Tour 2017 plan. While we are still working hard to finalize the plan for next year, one event you can put in your agenda: CES 2017.


We are planning for a special activity the day prior to the kick-off at CES which runs from January 5 until January 8. On the 5th and 6th we will be at the GIGABYTE suite for the World Tour gathering and first stop of the World Series competition.


We are working around the clock to get all the information and pages up and running. I hope we'll get the ticketing/reservation pages up and running by early next week.


If you don't know what to do yet in the first week of January, I'd say Las Vegas will be a great spot for overclocking *wink*.


I'll update the thread once I have more information.


:celebration: :celebration: :celebration:

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Unless you specifically want to see LA I would stay the hell away from there, driving out of LA is a disaster


first time for me at one of these events, just plan on viewing, I live 4 hours away and a good excuse to visit family I haven't seen in years, if I can help in any way let me know

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