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Replace TEC with waterchiller


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I think TEC / Peltier / Water (Chilled/Cold) cooling category must be renamed to waterchiller because very few use tec or peltier.


I bench on waterchiller and appear that i use TEC, wich is not accurate.




Or better, make waterchiller separate cooling category (to display at cooling method of course).




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Ofcurse is not the same like radiator in bucket of ice , is not the same even you put that radiator in dryice , because radiator arhitecture is not the same like platte HX , so heat exchange will be weak on radiator@DICE , also you will NOT have the same bench autonomy...on chiller you bench 24 hours without problem!

people should understand how an phase waterchiller it works , i´m the builder of Ramiro unit , that unit is an monster ....here on hwbot don´t exist an phase chiller more powerfull than that unit!!!! :D

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I have a couple recent submissions with TEC cooling. It is strictly TEC on top of cpu, not chilling a liquid with the TEC.


I choose water chilled category which is somewhat accurate, but not really at the same time. I run geothermal or a tap to drain liquid cooling. Im not decided if thats chilled or not but I submit using chilled category.


Can an admin help with proper category for geothermal and or TEC?

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