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Abit FTP server re-hosted

Christian Ney

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Before Abit shut down, Turrican and I made a backup of their FTP. I thought I lost it but when checking some external hard drives the other day I found the backup.


I did not upload the whole backup (it is quite big). I only uploaded the BIOS, Beta, FlashMenu, Manuals and Utilities directories to my website, accessible here


If you however need driver(s) or product picture(s), feel free to request them.

EDIT: Bambooz (TPU and Hexus) uploaded the full backup (including drivers and product pictures) made by Solaris17 (TPU) here. Product pictures can be found here.

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yes they are official bioses for 45nm E0 stepping cpus.


Hum, do you remember the BIOS names by any chance?


I see no mention of it:

Universal abit > CPU Support List

Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia


18 and up I guess. I will check if maybe they have been placed somewhere else.

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I ran searches for all of them in the whole directory and they are not there which mean Abit did not upload them to their FTP. And I do not have a backup of abitshop.eu




I just found an ABIT FTP Backup on hexus.net and it does have most of the bioses ,including the E0 Stepping update bioses :D


here is the link

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