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Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge


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AGESA 1005 subtiming on GBT AX370-Gaming 5 works OK, I just did a quick test for familiar timings (TWR,TCWL,TRRD, TRTP, TWTR, etc), but not touching the extras like ProcODT, TRDRD, etc.

This is the example of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000C15 (Hynix)



Geekbench 3 Memory Score AUTO Subtiming: 5169



Geekbench 3 Memory Score, manual subtiming: 5849



The fun is back it seems :D :D


P.S: Full Test Here (Indonesian, google-translateable)

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Ok first up to show you guys the struggle with less cache......these are seriously tuned hard runs.


First one was at same settings I nailed 7:29 on 1800x


No BS just the facts.....




Hammered the IMC so hard I killed a stick....I hear that's fairly hard for B-DIE



After smoking a stick of 3200 bin fighting the imc coldbug I decided to go do some far more relaxing easy air runs....




Good enough for second in the LCC...not bad for a lil 79.99 clearance rack board.


Maybe getting beat by a little b-350 is enough poke and prod for people to start tuning 32m hard ;)



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Since these slackers are boring I guess me and my bench partner will go toe to toe.


One thing is for sure...like racing....objects in our mirrors are losing..


Ok Zen lets have some fun.....I know you got backups and my avatar tells people what I carry around with me.....lets see who has the bigger bag of sand here.


Lets start off small to flush one of them out.




Almost forgot...RGB tweak ftw...wait till i turn the board lights on!!!!



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Before i start posting results...and to verify that zens runs are legit to lets watch a video so i do not have to curb stomp someone that accuses us ;)



8:22 range



8:21 range yah ask me for subtimings on this..........Best tweak ever used to get the wee little asus b350 this fast......



8:20 range



8:19 range



8:18 range? well you saw the video......I will hold them for now ;)


Here's one more I just knocked out before wife came home.......chased the b350 down with less power.....Agesa and subtimings my arse.


cmos battery removed tweak...balance on pci slot for better times......




Btw...my chips imc sux.....when life hands you lemons......make lemonade.

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ok so where did we leave off........high 18's.


Taichi wants in so.....


quick and dirty still learning board for 32m......seems a touch slow but we will work with it.




Old tweaks are the best tweaks......I love my authentic windows pop up tweak....




anyway give me a week to work through this taichi and get a k7 replacement to fill up my bag of sand again with my crappy imc.....

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Wow, Im so poor...Or it could be because E-die? I cant go tighter


FlanK3r`s SuperPi - 32M score: 8min 50sec 89ms with a Ryzen 5 1500X

Yes and it's also your CPU choice. L3 cache size plays a significifant role. After that... It's a few other things as well. Being forced to windows 7 means new tweaks to discover so get to testing.


Also I see you have windows activation nagging you. Open command prompt as administrator then run:


SLMGR -rearm

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Tighter is not always faster. A good example of this is trc. Set to 40 test then set to 54 and test. You will most likely find the looser trc value is actually faster though they both pass.


Trc is just an example, but it applies to most all the subtimings.

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