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Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge


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7:41 seems very good, I think for 4600 MHz! Whats your RAM? FlareX?


No. I won't bench hardware that i am supposed to review until it has been reviewed. Just a set of trident z.


Ryzen effeciency is an odd thing.


The above run is slow for 4.6 imo...but fast considering the temp range i am in.


Probably best to gauge like this.


DI/cascade hardest

Phase hard

Ln2 easier

Air/water easiest


Seperate cooling categories then compare by speed.


Basically people on ln2 should not be losing to people on phase or cascade...it's very possible for a good chip to beat phase at much lower clocks on air/water.

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Ok after extensive testing i have come to the conclusion that.


1. I am not crazy yet in the sense that i have not completely lost my mind.


2. The above run was actually very fast for R5 1400.


3. R5 1400 is much slower due to less cache and thus needs way more memory power to match R7.


Will show an example in a few.

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If you notice I pulled 3 secs off time with considerably less memory speed without software tweaking ;)



Above is boot run barely stable just happy it completed...cores were not really happy with 4.6.


This is r5 less cache tuned to the max run and better timings...



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Take the timing allowance with a grain of salt.


K7 needs some bios work if plan on using ref clock plus cold.


Those of you willing to work through its fixxable issues try "auto" for multi when using ref clock.


Use Ryzen master in windows to bring cpu clock multiplier up to a more desireable level.

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Maybe things will get interesting now......






Hi Mr. Chew*


Do you mind if I used your screenshot as news item? I'll properly credit your name as source :). And also, is the BIOS already available in public? or still in internal testing domain?



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Ok so I said 7:3x was possible @ 4.6.


Kind of sorry that I have to disappoint you but....I just decided to skip 7:3x....


Maybe this will be enough of a poke to get people to actually start running 32m and stop playing footsies with it.


Checkmate Charles


Moving on to my next victims...


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