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Zen SuperPI 32M 5G/4G Challenge


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timings? Cause single 12-12-12 win over dual 18-16-16...


Apples to apples 12-12-12 2933 is less than 3 seconds ahead of 16-14-14 2933.


Timings are worth something...but not a whole lot. Cas latency is worth the most.

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Ok Here goes timings versus fabric single rank and dual rank.


Single rank 2933



Single rank 3200



Dual Rank 2666



Dual rank 2933





Single rank speed + fabric wins ( we pretty much knew this )


Dual rank Application specific tossup.




What are you meaning by "fabric"?

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Ok been working my ASuS off on this.


Finally found some efficiency.


Now if only I could find better memory O_o


Your turn chispy :D




I will give it my best this week my good old friend Chew :D , i am having a nightmare and a very hard time trying to install windows xp and i think it's not possible so i will do it on windows 7 like everyone else.


Nice efficiency you got there Chew :celebration: well done !

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Can we all test at 4GHz or 5GHz, please.


There's more to be optimized. I've tried Win7 x86, but it appears to be slower for me, but might try a diff version later.


Just for a start



Sure will do I.nfraR.ed 4Ghz it is :celebration:

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how about the 1.94A beta bios?


Recently swapped....even better.


Collecting results atm....


3200 14-14-14 running prime stable....preety impressive for pc3400 16-16-16 bin....i would expect 15-15-15 3200@ best for that bin normally...

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