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My vmod experiences with Galax GT 1030


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First I want to thanks two great overclockers from our community that helped me: Ben @newlife and Alex @DarkVenom, thank you guys, i hope someday I’ll be in your level of mods and overclock skills.

This thread is about my researches and experiences with Galax GT 1030 Vmod's.

I started to study the card's PCB. Galax made an amazing card, and despite of this one being an entry level it already has vcheck points identified in the pcb. I also looked at the main VRM components of it, and, after a while i found that the IC uP9305W is responsible for the 2GB GDDR5 voltage control.







At first, i thought that the IC uP1666Q was making both vgpu and vmem control, but after taking some multimeter measurements i realized that this IC was not being used for vmem.

Taking a look at the uP9305W datasheet and testing the card with a multimeter it became clear that the FB (pin 6) was the one needed for the memory vmod.





For this one I used a 50k trimpot, that gives the overclocker a more accurate and secure regulation of the vmem. Tested it, worked like a charm 😊

Now about the IC uP1666Q if you google for it you'll find that this IC is widely used in many other pascal cards, from 1060 to 1080ti's.





As you can see from the datasheet, this IC is more complex than the uP9305W. After a couple hours testing it with a multimeter, i noticed that the pin 11 was the one needed for gpu vmod. The problem here is that it is so tiny that it was hard to wire it, but after sometime i managed to weld it.




Unfortunately, i made a mistake of soldering one of the 20k trimpot legs to the wire just above the card, and a little drop of weld fall in a small smd resistor around the uP1666Q area, and i did not saw it .... the result? Fireworks in one of the mosfets; (.) The short was so strong that ripped one of the tracks! I'll buy another one next month and try to not kill it again ;)

So that's it, i wanted to share my experiences with this great card, any questions and critics to this vmod noob that write to you are welcome 😊

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Early preparations for cheapaz? ;)


Thanks for these pictures though. The Galax card was already the one I was planning on getting(even though they're a bit of a pain to find in the US), and close ups of the PCB are pretty much non-existant.


Yes, but i'll wait to see which card i going to be pick before buying another gt 1030.

Thanks, the photos are not very good because i'm also a noob photographer :(

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Shame the card died but experience for next time :celebration:


You actually did a very good job on pictures and beat 9 out of 10 people


Thanks mate :)


Pics are pretty good, the ones I make always seem to be slightly blurry. :/


You should be able to solder to a different component/solder pad that is connected to the FB pin, so the mod is easier to do than soldering to that tiny leg.


Thanks. Ben told me about this, next time i'll try the non

masochism method... :)


Pics of the ripped trace or it didn't happen. :D


As you wish, plus burned mosfet :)




Nice Guide.

What brand mem chips does the Galax card have on it?



Samsung mem chips.

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