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X299 phase change!

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I want to show my last SS phase unit , that i build special for skl intel HEDT platform!


this unit is born around an Sanyo Rotary Compressor with ~ 40 cm³/rev and 3,3kw condenser !


over time i tested many evaporator design and i build few , after all test i found an design that work best for me and my targets! this design is above many regardles DeltaT , this evaporator is an TWIN dual loop design! it use 2 expansions valves! , weight 1070 grams!


this evaporator is made by me with home made tools ! , it is an 50x 50x50mm copper ETP ( electrolytic tougt pitch) i design internal 2 loops , then i made threads to add more inside turbulance and better heat transfer with refrigerant ! bracket is orderd from BartX at my dimensions!


i use as load cpu and gpu when i start my charge test and adjust metering devices! , for me dummy load tester are for nothing are much away from reality of unit cooling power! this are used by builders that in fact are not benchers! worse case scenario for an unit is with real load! that is builded for! my results speak from alone no need to enter to deep in this subject!


at this time unit are not finished , need to add electrical box and wiring , as load i use 7920x and 12 core cpu. results are with cpu undelided







20160709_1521342oknw.jpg 20160709_152139q0j3s.jpg 20160709_152144xuk0e.jpg 20160709_152155m3jgi.jpg 20160709_152206r9jtq.jpg 20160709_1853569jk94.jpg 20160709_185418qckgp.jpg 20160709_185447o6jt0.jpg 20160709_185450hqk2g.jpg

20171215_1648324oo9n.jpg 20171215_164845fsqdi.jpg 20171215_164937d3r6v.jpg 20171215_1650264polt.jpg 20171215_165046jzqdv.jpg

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Looks amazing! Wonder what I could clock upto on my 8700K on this! Since it does such a great job on a 12core I imagine I could clock high on it!!


500-600mhz over can do on water , if cpu scalling linear should be no more than 100mhz difference from heavyload multithread bench to slighty bench.


my quad core 7700k on this unit can do 5850mhz R15 , i have no 8700k at this moment to test an 6 cores , but should clock hight since the unit is build for HEDT intel platform, also this unit can hold an 16/18 core cpu with 1.45 to 1.5v regarleds my calculation , also i added an cut-off switch in liquid line , as a protection if the cooling power of this unit are overload! i found this saefty device an mandatory part when you build unit for SKL-x cpu´s ( witch can hint easy 1kw ):D

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500-600Mhz over water would most likely mean running 5.9GHz Bench stable for sure, maybe even 6G! Thats great! Testament to an awesome SS and Intels 14nm++ process.

Would love to have 6G on tap without the need to order Ln2, bit of a pain getting it in UK! This Unit and a Cascade for GPUs would be so cool!

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today i made some quick heavy load tests .... 7920x ...my 12core load tester :D 1.5v cpu voltage!


one Fluke ( top of psu)measure the evaporator BASE temp( ek k-typ probe are ~ 15mm deep with hole in the base of evaporator ....NOT atached ...because from drill hole to atached head sensor have you almost 8-10 degree lower temp) also other builders use to measure suction pipe outleet of evap ...that is evaporating refrigerant temp not evaporator temp ...) yes ...they want to show you only lower temp ...but results are poor!


and another one Fluke is measured the CPU IHS temp , this k-type prope are atached on the HS with Arctic silver thermal adhesive 2 components!


those temp from pic bellow that you see is in cine R15 load.




also cpu are now delidded using BartX copper IHS and GelidE TIM , this IHS is perfectly flat and temp between cores are more apropiate than using original HS , if you have warranty on your cpu this cutom HS is best way to keep marked intact on the original HS for an eventually RMA.


1qcjov.png 2chkdp.png 321k4f.png 4z4j7i.png 5lckba.png 20171224_1501003jj4j.jpg[/url

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Wow, this build looks amazing. You truely are the best builder around ATM in my opinion.


My current SS has a 2hp rotary compressor and with the temp prob on the outside of the evaporator idles at -58 on my 7700k. Stuggles to keep my cpu in minus temps at over 1.45v though.

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