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GPU benchmarks applicable for global points - 2019

GPU benchmarks applicable for global points - 2019  

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  1. 1. Which should still be applicable for global points?

    • Aquamark
    • 3DMark01
    • 3DMark03
    • 3DMark05
    • 3Dmark11 - Performance
    • 3DMark Vantage - Performance
    • 3Dmark Firestrike
    • 3Dmark Firestrike - Extreme
    • 3Dmark Firestrike - Ultra
    • 3Dmark Time Spy
    • VRMark - Orange Room
    • Catzilla 720p
    • Catzilla 1440p
    • Catzilla 4K
    • GPUPI - 1B
    • GPUPI - 32B
    • 3DMark06

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On 12/22/2018 at 6:15 PM, Plasma_Carrot said:

3dmark03 sucks if you can tweak the clocks to blank the last bits of each test you can increase the score by thousands of points with out it looking suspect.

I love picking up old/cheap shit and benching them so would like to keep all the old benches, modern cards are boring, to locked down and bloody costly.

Please let us cash poor guys still have a chance to at least get a few points.

don't worry, hw points are staying - this is just globals that needed a fastish (depending on bench) card and top-end CPU anyway

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1 hour ago, richba5tard said:

No plans no, but if the community votes to add a specific benchmark I won't stop it.

I think there is need for additional modern benchmarks. Top contenders I would think are Time Spy extreme, Port Royal and Superposition.

Port Royal is actually not so bad, it scale some with both cpu freq and mem OC. Both of the other two seem fine as well. 

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10 hours ago, Rauf said:

Are you adding some new (or old ones) because with the removal of catzillas there are not so many modern 3d left. Vantage is cpu benchmark, 3d11 is also very cpu dependant, at least for sli/wr points.

That leaves Time spy and Fire strikes. Fire strikes are not very good benchmarks anymore. They behave very strange some times and scale with strange things like output resolution. Especially combined test is kind of bugged.

Gpupi is not a real 3d benchmark in my book and it is nvidia compute cards territory...


Superposition is the only realistic candidate if you want to add a true GPU bench - wanna run it on LN2 to see if it really scales as expected on the top end? Top results are on water right now, as we've seen e.g. with FS and Heaven some benches can stop scaling past a certain point.

8 hours ago, Rauf said:

Port Royal

Only supported by the latest generation of one manufacturers so it's years away from being a global bench (if at all).

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