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The official GRIFF Old School Cup Round 2 thread.


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Hi guys.

Finally thanks to @GeorgeStorm my competition sees light.

I hope it's not a joke on your part to put it on April 1st))))))).

All invited to participate.

General rules and limitations:
- Only motherboards with SDR SDRAM memory.
- Only air cooling allowed for all stages, but still open to members of all HWBOT leagues.
- Video proof is required for verification of the cooling used and ambient temperature (not below +10°C). Video must be contain 2-3 sec before finish of the benchmark and your rig for verification of used cooling with thermometer of ambient temperature.
- Verification screenshot is required with CPU, Motherboard & RAM tabs of CPU-Z.
- Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.
- Only desktop parts are allowed.
- Submit using competition background.

Round 2 rules and limitations:
Must use a Socket A motherboard.
Must use an AMD Duron "Spitfire" CPU.
Must use an ATI Radeon 9100 series videocard.
Must use SDR SDRAM memory

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Nice... I had a feeling.. I think sdram not written on the competition page. I start to bench but had a feeling that skydec not use sdram because of fun... Moved to here and now I see. :S

Now the mem freq stage has point I was wonder why it was choosed before.

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Np !

Haven't got any mentionable stuff just wanted to do a submission for fun. I miss this competitions so much, unfortunatelly I haven't got too much oldschool stuff and what I have, those are from the latest "oldschool types".  

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However, I noticed one thing: many people complained in recent years that expensive and top of the line components are used in the cups.
But given the progress of this competition I can say that pulling the balls doesn't want anyone. Or simply because the competition organizes me))))

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18 minutes ago, Antinomy said:

@GRIFF, didn't see in detail so I'll ask - video required for all submissions (benchmarks and valids)?

Don't need for second round. There are already few participants.  and complicated life further makes no sense. In addition, the link to YouTube does not work on hwbot.

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2 minutes ago, Noxinite said:

I was going to compete in this round just for fun, but I didn't realise you needed SDRAM

Yes. Is so real old school hw need. 


1 minute ago, Antinomy said:

Yep, socket A with SDRAM is pretty rare. I've found only 3 such boards in my collection.

Strange I have 7 or 8 boards but not all good for OC.

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