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The official GRIFF Old School Cup Round 2 thread.

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Hi guys.

Finally thanks to @GeorgeStorm my competition sees light.

I hope it's not a joke on your part to put it on April 1st))))))).

All invited to participate.

General rules and limitations:
- Only motherboards with SDR SDRAM memory.
- Only air cooling allowed for all stages, but still open to members of all HWBOT leagues.
- Video proof is required for verification of the cooling used and ambient temperature (not below +10°C). Video must be contain 2-3 sec before finish of the benchmark and your rig for verification of used cooling with thermometer of ambient temperature.
- Verification screenshot is required with CPU, Motherboard & RAM tabs of CPU-Z.
- Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.
- Only desktop parts are allowed.
- Submit using competition background.

Round 2 rules and limitations:
Must use a Socket A motherboard.
Must use an AMD Duron "Spitfire" CPU.
Must use an ATI Radeon 9100 series videocard.
Must use SDR SDRAM memory

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Apologies for taking so long. Hope you guys have fun, and let me know if things aren't as they should be!

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Prise for this cup is:

1° place - selected Asus TUSL2-C 246+ mhz fsb

2° place - selected Pentium lll 1400 Tualatin 

3° place - selected SDR ram 208+ mhz CL2

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