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New Achievements request thread


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Keep the current crop of achievements and add new ones instead of replacing old ones I would say, many of us have worked for years for them. I think the format is good so just adding some newer sockets to the socket achievments like AM3, AM4, 1151, 1200 and some custom ones like "Reach 10 GHz on memory" would be nice. Just MSI and Gigabyte for the manufacturer achievements is a bit thin, maybe expand that to include all the usual suspects, i.e. EVGA, ASUS, Asrock?

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I realize that there are members that careless about the achievements but for those of us that do; any thoughts, ideas, suggestions? Here are a few ?



*9GHz &/or 10Ghz cpuz validation

*6GHz &/or higher memory validation

*Golden Cups: continue on: Level 11=2000,level 12=2500,level 13=3000 etc>>no limit

*Cups n Medals: continue on: Level 11= 3000, level 12=3500, level 13=4000 etc>>no limit

*Points contributed to team: continue on: Level 11= 15000, level 12=20000, level 13=25000 etc>>no limit

*Ranking in HW master: Reach top 500, top 250, top 100, top 50, top 10, top 5, etc

*Global Gold Cups 1,10,25,50,100,175,250,350,500,1000>> no limit

*Global Cups n Medals 10,25,50,75,100,250,500,1000>> no limit

*Country cup participation: example ................2019 Country ranked 32nd

*Team cup participation: example.................... 2018: Team ranked 3rd

Addiction Achievements:

*Submissions made: continue on: Level 3=2000subs, level 4=2500, level 5=3000subs, level 6=3500, level 7=4000subs, etc etc

*Multi-cpu subs:100,150,200,250,300, etc etc

*Multi gpu subs: 100,150,200,250,300, etc etc

*Socket achievements: so not to single out any particular ones add all the different socket types including mobile devices as you have it set up now

*Separate motherboard & GPU manufacture achievements. At present there is Gigabyte & MSI motherboards and graphics together. Change to:
Motherboard Brand achievements: so not to single out add all from A (asrock) to Z (zotac)
GPU Brand achievements: so not to single out add all from A to Z

AMD achievements: Use 5 different architectures, 10 different, 15 different, etc etc

Intel achievements: Use 5 different architectures, 10 different, 15 different, etc etc

*Nvidia & ATI achievements: Add Intel and continue on from 25 different cards to 30,35,40, etc etc

Nvidia: Use 5 different architectures, 10 different, 15 different, etc etc

ATI/AMD: Use 5 different architectures, 10 different, 15 different, etc etc

*RAMM. add the different manufactures
Geil,Corsair,Crucial,Team Group,Kingston,Mushkin etc etc. At the same lay out as G.Skill  

TEAM Achievements::

*Golden cups: Level 10=3500,level 11=4000,level 12=4500, etc etc

*Cups n Medals: Level 11=6000,level 12-7000,level 13-8000, ect etc

*Team GLOBAL Golden Cups: Level 1=20,level 2=40,leveol 3=50,60 etc

*Team GLOBAL cups n medals: level 1=50,level 2=75,level 3=100,125, etc etc

*If any team member participates:
Team Cup achievement: 1st 2015, 2nd 2018, 23rd 2019 etc etc

*Team points gathered: Level 11=55000,level 12=60000,level 13=65000, etc etc


**Have no idea how or why my post has the grey over txt**

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Somehow I'd love to see more manufacturers on the achievements list but I can imagine that adding all of them would create way too much achievements. Maybe Hwbot can partner up with manufacturers to make custom achievements.

I also like the quirky ones, like submit a really low score. Maybe something a bit quirky like "power of 10 scores" for perfectly round scores like "10.000 3DMarks" or "10.000 sec on SuperPi". You can achieve those with any hardware, it just takes some time and luck to get it.

Another quirky one would be to submit scores for all benchmarks (CPU or GPU) for a number of hardware components (like all CPU benchmarks for a 7950X). This motivates people to try out other benches than their favourite ones.

To motivate people to fill in more details (and more sponsorship links on the site), maybe a "use X number of different power supplies".

I also saw a forum post here about getting the lowest clock on an AMD CPU, maybe there's a possibility for some achievements there ?

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