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Coldslow and Coldbug VGA BIOS collection


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Collecting all the coldslow BIOSes. If you have others, don't hesitate to either post them here or mail them to pieterjanplaisier@hwbot.org if you want to remain anonymous.




- 7800 GTX coldbug BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/7800gtxrefcb.rom


- HD 3870 Reference pll fixed BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/3870refpll.103


- 9800 GTX coldbug BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/9800gtxrefcb.ROM


- 9800 GX2 Reference coldbug BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/9800gx2.rar


- HD 4890 Reference coldscaling (fixpll) BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/4890refpll.bin


- GIGABYTE GTX 460 Super Overclock coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/460soccs.rom

- MSI GTX 460 Hawk coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/460hawkcs.rom


- ASUS GTX 465 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/465refcs.rom


- ASUS GTX 470 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/470refcs.rom


- ASUS GTX 480 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/480refcs.rom

- GIGABYTE GTX 480 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/480refgbtcs.rom

- GIGABYTE GTX 480 SOC coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/480soccs.ROM

- MSI GTX 480 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/480refmsics.rom


- MSI GTX 560 Ti Hawk coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/560tihawkcs.rom

- MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/560titfcs.rom

- MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr III coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/msi560ti448tf3ln2.rom

- MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr III PE coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/msi560ti448tf3peln2.rom


- GTX 570 Reference coldslow bios: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/570refcs.rom


- ASUS GTX 580 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580refcs.rom

- ASUS GTX 580 Direct CU II coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580dcucs.ROM (unlocked to 2GHz core freq)

- ASUS GTX 580 Matrix coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580matrixcs.rom

- Gainward GTX 580 Phantom coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580phantomcs.ROM

- GIGABYTE GTX 580 Reference coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580refgigabytecs.rom

- MSI GTX 580 Lightning coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580lcs.bin

- MSI GTX 580 Lightning Extreme coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580lecsV256142.rom

- Palit GTX 580 Sonic (Reference) coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/580refpalitpcscs.rom


- MSI Radeon HD 7790 (reference) ln2 coldslow BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/msiRef7790ln2.sb


- MSI Radeon HD 7870 Hawk ovp BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/7870hawkovp.sb


- AMD Radeon HD 7970 (reference) xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/Tahiti_XT_C3860100_X00_BIOS_Dec20_2011.exe

- ASUS Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU-II 3D BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/7970dcu23d.bin

- GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7970TO xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/R797TO3D_OC


- MSI GeForce GTX 760 Hawk (Elpida) xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/760HawkElpida.140

- MSI GeForce GTX 760 Hawk (Hynix) xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/760HawkHynix.112

- MSI GeForce GTX 780 Lightning xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/780LightningMoa.200

- ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti Direct CU II xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/780tidcu2ln2.rom

- EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Kingpin Edition xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/780tiKpXoc.rom

- Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 Ti (reference) xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/780tirefln2.rom

- GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 780 Ti (reference) xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/780tirefln2_v2.rom (fixed memory oc)

- Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan (reference) xtreme oc BIOS: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/VGABIOS/GK110XOC.rom




- ASUS Matrix GTX 580 tools: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/asus_gtx580_pack.rar

- GIGABYTE SOC tool: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/N580SO_SW.rar

- ASUS GeForce GTX 780 Ti Direct CU II Disable OCP/OVP: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/Disable780TIDCU2ocp.zip

- EVGA EVBOT Flash Tool (for 780Ti KP edition): downloads/tools/EVBOTFlashTool1030_780i31.zip


- Nvidia PowerMizer Manager 1.01: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/tools/NVPMManagerUni.exe


Mod Guides


- OC Guide for Gainward GTX 580: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/PDF/OC_Guide_for_GW_GTX 580_2011-08-19.pdf

- ASUS GTX780/780Ti DCU2 OV Rework SOP: http://downloads.hwbot.org/downloads/PDF/ASUS%20GTX780-780TI%20DCU2%20OV%20Rework%20SOP.docx

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thank you for sharing :)


i think must have MSI GTX480 ref cold slow bios, do you want it?


Sure, send to my email and I will put it here :).


Is there any Bios for GTX570?


I don't see one. Everyone at hwbot is running at low clocks, so I can only imagine no one has one.

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Here is some older ones, if someone still need them :)



I will try to find some more of these old ones, which were totally not accepted to share back then.


How's the flash procedure of this BIOS?


Sam, you must mean this PLL divider fixed bios we developed with ati: http://sf3d.pp.fi/4890FIX.bin




Now you remind me? After I'm done benching? :D


Here is 4870X2 bios files. Can not remember what these did, but it was something voltage and oc limit related.



CCC limit override?


i FW it to pj.plaisier@madshrimps.be


is it ok?


Nothing so far.

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Hehe..actually I forgot that this fixed bios existed for 4890's :)


Flash procedure for 9800GX2:


Nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i1 9gx1.rom


Nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i2 9gx2.rom


Nvflash -4 -5 -6 -i0 9gxsli.rom


I am trying to find GTX 295 bios files, but they are hiding somewhere...

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