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The official Legacy Leisure: AquaMark V2.1 thread.


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didn`t work for me under Xp allways getting that error :


D3D Error E_OUTOFMEMORY (3865)


Does some now an fix for that (and don`t say use vista Or win7) ;)




Edit found the error (197.75 didn`t work , but 275.33 does the job very well )

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Pieter i`m unable to upload scores in the AGP stage.

got that error :


java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "100,101,102,103"


can you look @ that please. Thx

I have the same issue. At first thought I did something wrong but after 2 days of trying with the same error in the AGP Stage only I figure something is wrong.

Thank you

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What 'old' aquamark?


AM3. I don't see how the scores are comparable, the test seems different, and the avg. FPS must be multiplied by 1000 to get an AM3-like score, and even then you miss the two last digits because of rounding in the avg. FPS result.


But perhaps i got it all wrong, and this is in addition to the old AM3, and not a future replacement? :)

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  • Crew
Does this mean the old aquamark will be retired? I cant see a similar score in this window anywhere, only average FPS perhaps?


aquamark 2.1 is the predecessor of aquamark 3. (the one we have since ages on hwbot. ;):D


it's like 3dmark99 is the predecessor of 3dmark00,.... ;)


aquamark2.1 is a completely different benchmark compared to aquamark3.

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Guest Black_Team

I've also had problems when entering the stage for AGP


for 1 and 2 stage the SLI and CF are prohibited?


Sorry for my english

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