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actualy 4 of 'em.

just explain what were the term of unlocking idea + an example.

i have reported 3 cores of b55 can not submit to 3x stage.

and have not see a rig w/ 4 socket. sorry for misunderstood.

btw, what if ucc/acc on without extra core/s activated?

the name is pII x4 b55 but the cores remain 2x. fyi the engine not recognize b55 + any other unlocked cpus

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can i submit scores with the same gpu but different stages?


AFAIK unlock/disable cores can't be done on this challenge...at least that you are talking about mobo with dual socket.


EDIT: MY mistake, I misread your post. Sorry

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Is Radeon Hd 7900 series allowed ?


BTW: Is still sais:


1 - Yes, 7970 allowed

2 - Fixed.


Couple technical questions regarding rules:


1) Is FX-4100 is 2x CPU or 4x CPU? Regarding the latest Microsoft patch...


2) Also, is unlocking Semprons to dual-cores and posting results under 1x CPU category allowed?


1 - 4x CPU

2 - No, unlocking is not allowed (technically not possible)

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OK, I've posted my 17407 single core, too bad I don't have any X3 at my place at the moment (gave it to my cousin, otherwise it ran benchmarks @ 5.4GHz+ under cascade). And too bad I can't post X6 results due to having ES chip :/


ES is bad? Darn I read this whole thread and saw people asking but no answer and the exclusions did not say no ES.


Any official clarification on this one.

Edited by HiVizMan
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so with 8hrs in the comp.. we get a definitive answer that we cant use ES..? Maybe should have 'hung' that rule out in plain site for all to see... just a thought.


Theres no less than 6x inquiries that went unanswered more than 20x days ago.


Hm. You are absolutely right. I'll revoke the ban on ES for this competition.


For the February challenge it's already on the frontpage. In case you want to file a complaint => http://hwbot.org/forum/private.php?do=newpm&u=47.

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