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topdog - Core i7 2600K @ 5612MHz - 51116 marks PCMark 2005


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Thanks guys


The 7970 is very good, especially with pixel shader and graphics memory which where the gains are, I wasn't really pushing it as I have ran it at 1300/1750 but the score didn't improve much


A donor board was used to power the i rams, 4k write back enabled


With Transparent windows bob I reached 35k a couple of times and also down to 28k, down to luck really, subtest in this bench fluctuate so much it's just getting them all to come together at the same time that's the problem


First place wont last long I'm sure as it wont be too hard to beat

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Nice score. :)


congrats man

tell us about disk configuration ?


Looks like 4x iRam's using onboard Raid0. As he mentioned, he's using write back cache - which is the reason for the super virus scan and moderate general usage. Two boards were used to power the disks, but the 2nd board is just a donor for power.

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