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ASUS, Intel - thank you for beeing your premium user!


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this week-end wasn't exactly what you call "a good day in benching" for me but as I read about people and their degraded chips it could be worse ^^


shared pain is half the pain, so here we go with more things round about the "we'll let the user beta-testing that"...


1. 525€ 3930K C2 CPU comes BOXED with no stock cooler


Well it is not unknown but wasn't made big news either - there have been news about Intel maybe coming with watercooling (and a sidenote it wasn't going to be included)...

but when I finally got my self-payed-long-awaited C2 in a little box I was kinda negatively surprised a bit.


seriously: in amounts like Intel could make it a simple single "out-of-the-box" watercooling solution for the first runs with your new high-end-bench-cpu would cost like what??

35€ maybe - 25€ if you make it at Foxconn without having the rule of "workers must have a toilet"? (which I would NOT support and buy tray instead)

That in addition to a 500€+ CPU should be possible, no?! specially if your old pushpins don't work anymore ^_^

Ended up with a "solution" like that which might be more dangerous RMA-wise...




my singlestage mounting wouldn't fit also anymore - I love new plattforms :ws:


2. 3x ASUS Matrix Platinum + RIVE - can't "reach" that?!


1700€ hardware and one "little" design-fail...0,5cm can sometimes be so important :rolleyes:

There is NO fitting bridge in the boxes - I searched for it many times...




Oh dear can't wait for April...

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It does kinda suck that they don't include a cooler on the K or X especially since they are both such expensive chips, but I can not think of the last time I used any stock Intel cooler, thats what the Silver Arrow and Armageddon are for:D


As for the triple slot coolers on those Matrix 580's they will not work for tri-sli, at best you can use two cards and I feel your pain, that sucks:(

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Note to Manufacturers, if you make cards like this ensure the connectors can be used easlily.

Same scenario for the Lightning 580's with that bracket across the SLI connectors.




That bracket across the SLI bridges doesn't only ruin the SLI connectivity, but it being elevated quite high above the PCB ruins the option to use the heatsink with a fat gpu pot.

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