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Uncle Fester Busting Rhymes on GIGABYTE Z77X-UD3H


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Zenmaster chimming in as well



U to the D to the 3 to the H
I gotta get a world record on the bot first page
times are tough and and I dont have much cash
I spent most of my money on beer and hash
I dont get paid until next week
so I need a board that is cheap and can tweak
i'm on the newegg site looking at the gigaytes
the last one i had did me just right
i added the z77x-ud3h to my cart
im surprised at the price cuz it looks too nice
this black motherboard looks like a work of art
my mvg stunk worse than a fart


just got it to today from the ups man
his name is stan but he looks like jackie chan
I opened the box and removed the board
the craftsmanship is similar to a samurai sword
it comes with UEFI bios and japanese caps
on and off buttons clear cmos and some other crap
I dont really give a shit as long as it overclocks legit
good bios, no cold bug and cheap and thats it


i put my water cooling on the cpu jsut to start
I want to get my settings right before the ln2 part
im in the bios checking it out
im not used to all these settings
but before I hit f10 to see what I'll be getting
gonna make a profile and save it just in case
I boot into windows and overclock like an ace
its nice to have a profile that I can still trace
because when I overclock I like to drink a lot of beer
the next day when Im in the bios feels like its been a year
I know its lame but thats the name of the game
just simply load that saved profile and my settings are the same


the time has come to separate the men from the boys
my board is insulated so I dont break my new toys
I got my pot on the processor and got some pot in my lungs
the fridge is stocked with beer and its time to have fun
I called my uncle fester to get some good tips
he gave me all his settings and said to shut my lips
I'm on xtremesystems talking to dinos22
we're just listening to ac/dc and acting a fool
my neighbors are complaining and the five 0's on the creep
but I'm just overclocking on my Ud3h cuz its fun dirt cheap
yeah boy
tweaked dirt cheap
yeah boy
........... its done dirt cheap


(epic thread at OCAU: http://forums.overclockers.com.au/showthread.php?t=1036929&page=4)

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yo yo what up my dawgs. ......... lol

album out soon FESTIFY OC SRAT


with gold tracks such as









and gold nominated UD3H A SLUT U CAN RAPE

:banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: :D

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Dammit, loving this marketing campaign by GIGABYTE Australia! :D



the ud3s low end, but it rocks though,
just set ya volts, clocks and go,
this aint ecs, theres no 16x lock bro,
insult the ud3 and get straight socked yo,

taking world records cake, you should try,
we took the 03, 06 and 05,
and dino just took the superpi,
for under 200 bucks the price is right,

yeah sure its super cheap,
but with features off the leash, its hot stuff capish?
with more flava than a quiche, i didnt even know until the beef that ryba was a fish,

you claim you got efficient in 32m?
your number 1, minus 32 men,
in 32nd place, you should hide your face, with 6 minutes 32 damn,

benching scene is great, it can be harsh thought,
ya find a tweak, you dont share, your a cheat bro,
cos only 18 months ago, all my tweaks were hacks, called cheats, and taken off the bot yo,
they found its all legit, now rules changed,
hows that work? i dont play the same game?
i aint bout to name names, but i was framed,
made to look like a tool, that shit was so lame,

enought of that though, back to the gagi-byte,
or is it gay-gabyte, or maybe gigi-shyte,
who cares, the boards are in the top flight,
dropping top scores, giga stay on top right,
ud3 is all you need to know, stop right,
now, put that down, its the talk of the town,
UP boards bout to touch down, giving haters mad frowns

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