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The official HWBOT Team Cup 2013 - SC3: Vantage Full-out thread.

Christian Ney

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From the subcompetition page:

The third stage of the Team Cup revolves around the CPU-bound 3D benchmark 3DMark Vantage Performance. For this sub-competition, which has one stage for Intel and AMD per year, you can use as much graphic card horsepower as you can find - the only limitation is the CPU platform to be used. There are no limitations on the amount of CPUs that can be used: if you manage to find a platform that can run 42 CPUs, it's allowed!

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Why still a lot of 3DM Vantage submissions using GPU PhysX enable are not deleted, is the rule has been change n I don't know?


Vantage 1.1.0 has PPU disabled by default even if you have it enabled in Nvidia Control Panel. Just compare the CPU score with others if you're not sure about its veridicity.

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Tyred making a submission in Vantage SC#5: 2006: Brisbane (G1), Egypt, Italy, Orleans (F2), Windsor, Santa Ana (F2), Santa Rosa (F2)

With an Italy F2 cpu but got the " your submission is incorrect "


As you can see it (Italy core) is listed in the header but below in the yellow field it is not :(. Same for Egypt.


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Polite request: Can Xeon E5645 be added to Stage 8? It's the only hexcore Westmere-EP Xeon from 2010 not on the list. Launch price was consistent with that of the i7 970, making it equally "high-end." Thanks for your consideration!


edit - And to Stage 11 of the SPi 1M comp / Stage 6 of the 3DM03 comp?

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