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The official HWBOT Team Cup 2013 - SC3: Vantage Full-out thread.

Christian Ney

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I expect there to be a difference across the board. CPU bottleneck takes a lot to hit the point where twice the GPU performance doesn't help.


I agree. I run all of my cards on Vantage with the 980X because it helps me beat scores run with a 3770K and the like. I absolutely guarantee you that there are instances where CPU + Titan is going to beat CPU + 7970 outside of the range that CPU tweaking can make up.


Bottom line, Titan will help scores, no matter much it's role is deceivingly downplayed. It released after the competition started and should not be allowed. This has always been the case. And my team has quite a few Titans...

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Guest Arne Saknussemm

I entered this comp with a submission 62000+ points and it doesn't show up amongst top places ?? The option to enter score came up automatically when submitting so I downloaded background and entered....


No big deal...but something doesn't work...or something escapes me?

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