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HWBOT Prime Super Tweaks for 2011

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As all you guys know and tried this benchmark, everyone understand the fact that windows7 would get higher score in HWBOT Prime. But this fact is correct in ordinary situations. Some other guys in hwbot get the good efficiency on XP too but it is obvious that they don’t know why this would happen?!!!

There would be specific tweak for 2011 and general tweak for all platforms which have the most effect.


1) BIOS , BIOS , BIOS … You can’t believe how good BIOS would affect this test. Main key is with Rampage IV Extreme and BIOS 0023 (0021 is good too but it is not stable as 0023). In this case game would change and Win XP(32bit SP3 and tweaked) would get higher score than Win7. One clue that you would understand your efficiency would be good, is your memory size which is detected with CPU-Z and HWBOT Prime. Look at below picture:




As you can see it would be 3528 Mb even in cpu-z and this is one of the reasons that 0023 get better efficiency.

Notice that this happen just in this case(Rampage IV Extreme + 0023 + windows XP SP3). Using Rampage IV Black and windows XP is just wasting your time unless there would be good bios like 0023. God Bless Shamino.

This tweak boost your score +100 to +150 in same frequency in 2011



2) Other big tweak which is general and works for other platforms too, is Java version. As you download El Genieben's Portable Benchmarks you would understand that bundle Java Version is 1.7.45 . But there is no need for installing it. After testing more than 30 or 40 version of Java we understand that Java ver 1.6.18 would get the highest possible score. Mention that you can use 32bit Java in your 64bit OS and it would be better to use 32bit versions.

This tweak boost your score +20 in all platforms.



We wish great scores for all of you guys.


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To make things easier for the rest, from there:



I downloaded the Java 1.6.18 runtimes for both x86 and x64, packed into zip archive and uploaded on few hostings:








...so people are not need to go thru the tiresome Oracle registration BS. The username must be email (weird, why not just nick?) and the pass must contain numbers AND some capital leter(s). This is insane "security" for just what? Downloading a runtime? Oh, come on...

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