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BenchBros - GeForce GTX 780 Ti - 37530 marks Catzilla - 720p


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great run benchbros, nothing wrong with this bench or this run, just put some time in guys and work out consistency, it seems there is always big opposition to any benchmark that requires effort?


it has the odd bug like any benchmark, but overall it is very consistent

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Nothing wrong with this benchmark at all like James said. Spend time to understand it a bit and think about all aspects and test all aspects of performance which may impact on scores and then be honest with yourself and objective in your evaluation in public. That is how we've always done things. The lynch-mob mentality makes everyone look weak, particularly people who are more prominent in this community. Nothing wrong with having a point of view but back it up too! Things like i have 2000Mhz on my GPU and he has 1800 don't fly with this bench if you don't understand it properly!


I'm not saying the bench is perfect. There are things that should be fixed with Catzilla and some of the issues are primarily present in multicard setups. I've been giving some feedback to them to address some of the issues but it should not affect scores if you know spend time to understand what's happening. I think it's important to give a bench like this the time of day as it is a viable alternative to FM.

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Thanks James! Thanks Dinos! Appreciate your comments and confirming this run!

But I better wait for official statement or some other scores with the new version before calling it 1xGPU WR...

I posted same question and score on Facebook, but discussion was not very productive, so I decided to post result here to get more attention ;-)

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If you want a lower score, clock you mem higher...when it throttles, what you won't see, your score is like 35000...if it doesn't throttle in any section of the benchmark, you'll get a real, valid, and perfect score.

That's what Dino meant and I wrote some weeks before. Just watch your fps, the entire benchmark.

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