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Power_VANO - Celeron LGA775 356 @ 8322.4MHz - 8322.44 mhz CPU Frequency


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Here are the Hardware used:

MB: ASUS Maximus Formula (X38 Chipset) - Flashed Rampage Formula BIOS, Unmodded Stock MB, no Vdroop, Vcore, OVP mods

CPU: Intel Celeron 356 - Batch: 5634B341

Tube: Kingpin Cooling Dragon F1

TIM: GC Extreme

RAM: 1 x Team Xtreem 512 MB, Micron D9GMH

GPU: Zotac GeForce 9500 GT

PSU 1: Inter-Tech Coba NitoX 750 Watts

PSU 2: Codegen 350 Watts - for fans only

Thermometer: UEi DT304 Apollo IV

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Thank you everyone for good words!

At first live session was intended just to show local fellow overclockers how it is all about extreme overclocking in live and was expecting to jump just over my previous set 7999 MHz but then my old Maximus Formula begin making wonders... Booted flawlessly @ 8000 MHz and made this result possible. Very strong MB despite its age, RMA years ago and a bit high voltage lover chipset.



Did not have multimeter at hand unfortunately but MB had huge Vdroop definitely. BIOS set 2.15000V CPU-Z reported 1.95V.

When set 2.25000 in BIOS, CPU-Z did not recognize voltage at all. Tried setting 2.27500 too in BIOS but stability got worse. Also, setting Loadline Calibration to ON gave worse results regarding stability.



Dunno really :) I only have stock Box cooler for LGA775, did not try pushing it on air but I'm sure it will do good on air too, very decent batch it is. As of LN2, no CB or CBB even @ -188-190 degrees.

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