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I.nfraR.ed - Athlon XP-M 2500+ @ 3581MHz - 29sec 703ms SuperPi - 1M


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Okay, thanks. I need >2.3v to go 240fsb 2-2-2 on A7n8x-e deluxe (2.0v - no go, only 230mhz 2-2-2) - it works fine in 1M but cannot complete 32m (dunno if this is overheating, missing 5V caps (desoldered them to mod different mobo) or memory - should check this today). My old result was commented by myself that I had used 2.48v vdd to go 250 2-2-2 and I'm not sure if this is clever/safe thing (I use stock radiator on NB).

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Try with higher volts on the 3.3V rail. Modded bios is also very important, but I guess you're using one, since you're able to do 250MHz. You can also try L12 hardware mod.


I haven't yet killed NF2 chipset with voltage, but if you're not cooling it fine, these volts won't help you.


Generally speaking, my boards does not scale good with NB voltage. I have only one board that likes high volts and another one that can't complete 32M at 250MHz with more than 1.6V on the NB :)


I've also had NF7 that can't do more than 250MHz for benches no matter volts/bios/cpu.

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Thank you Ivan. I have resoldered caps, changed nb TIM and went to 3.7v - now everything is stable @252 2-2-2 but one of my winbond sticks suck - now i need to get my 2*256mb and 2*512mb winbonds sets back from friend and I'll be able to enter socket A competition.

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D3mox I had a standalone psu with 3.3v mod - just because overvolted 3.3 rail is not that good for other setups. It is also important to have a psu that is able to provide as much power as possible @3.3+5.0v rails (i.e. my current coolermaster 800w has 150w which leads to shutdowns of a7n8x @2ghz barton aircooled, my old huntkey was rated 180w and so was better).

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