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  1. Thanks for the wishes, best one I got with less than 1.35v was a 4.8 GHz chip 6c/12t Vantage CPU Tests Good luck
  2. when u find one let me know Its impossible to find such chip when it comes to 4930k/4960x
  3. See? I was close enough hahahaha
  4. I bet he just tried to power them up from a usb port I tried this and got only 10 mhz increasent PS. sorry for your lose
  5. ryba ryba ryba... ryba^3 what about now?
  6. I am in to donate on Tin's effort cause I couldnt send him a 290x to find the mods ^^
  7. These chips are awesome, easy to bench. Just try 100 & 125 strap set voltage and boot We havent found any chip with CB on the first chips we tested on LN2
  8. Merry Christmas and enjoy ur holidays with ur friends and family
  9. Damn next time I will ddos the site GJ btw and nice score
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