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  1. LOL, seems like I am really lucky then... Got both ABX and Lightning's bios But what is really strange is that I still waiting for EU dep. to contact me in order to send some samples (direction from HQ 3 weeks ago... ) -.-
  2. I think we are the only guys who forgot to copy their scores on a flash drive Good job Proman nice to meet ya
  3. Yeah, I would like to thank Vlad and Asus here as well. As Phil posted we werent that lucky, but I am glad to be on the top 5. Wish to see everyone next year, since then I will try to kick your ass (in the good way always )
  4. Hey Vlad, pls make it League of Legends, not Dota. Please, I wanna play lol
  5. Ok asked, waiting for his reply. Will let u know asap I have news
  6. I know a guy who has the mars 1 aka dual 285 gtx Shall I ask him for a price?
  7. Our flight time is ok. Sad about Aristidis, hope mtech will be ok.
  8. Talking with Xtreme Addict over FB when I learnt the following:
  9. Or you can remove and measure individual resistance
  10. I joined I think we can get in the Top 100. The challenge is to make people bench just to have fun, if that happens we will earn points soon or later
  11. Last price cause I need the money 180€ without shipping
  12. Yeah dont want to give it for less than 200€
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