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  1. I am so sad My Lenovo K900 did only 1170. Should be that it only has 2 cores tho
  2. show some respect pls, still remember ur racistic post on Sofos' submission some weeks ago. Can u stop acting like a jerk or u cant turn this switch off?
  3. Nice try mate As talked on FB this benchmark shouldnt give points. Bug runs even without commands, no command lock-in, which means that u can change it anytime u want last but not least benchmark almost does 0 crack.rar security check.
  4. Nice Kingpin 290x with Asus bios hahaha Is it a special edition? :P Kidding of course... awesome score buddy
  5. exactly, had a review sample 4 months ago which had cb @-105 C
  6. I thought it was the opposite, the lower the temp is the lower the resistance will be. Thats why @the absolute 0 (0 Kelvin) the is no resistance
  7. Thanks we found out that hwbot prime is a bit "fragile", managed to run the chip higher but we couldnt get more than 8260
  8. dont blame Der8auer, he got my cpu and it still works... I think... doesnt it Roman?
  9. thanks George, I really forgot to reply So... here is my belated thanks message
  10. isnt allowed to use Win 8.1? Performance seems to be ok compared with other 4960x
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