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  1. Leeghoofd asked Roman to reserve the card in order to buy it, and Roman said ok. So card is "sold"
  2. This mobo is a real rocket 2860mhz Cl9 is just a piece of cake! Load profile, put manual voltage to the mems and you are ready to go PS. spi32 was just to stress mems, and was run on my 24/7 OS
  3. Ah, I dont think that they will allow us to leave country with torch, so yeah we wont risk it. We gonna brind a hot air gun Also dont know if security will allow us to brind torch (bought from Moscow) into the exhibition
  4. I think its like TBA which means to be announced EDIT: means to be updated
  5. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking but then... it isnt cool for the ladies
  6. Oh seriously, I need snacks durinc benching. I will not survive after all these hours without snacks
  7. I think you are unfair. You are smart enough to answer your own question. Yeah, he can make jokes, why not? When somebody feels familiar with others he can have fun. Also I think you can divide fun from talking seriously. I wont post anything for a day, just posted my 222th post, gonna celebrate it
  8. The only person from asus on this thread is Vlad, Vlad is a member and part of this society too. When Vlad is joking, its the same like me you and anybody else joking. He knows he represents Asus but this doesnt mean he cant make fun like we all do. Btw you told me, you want to have fun. If you do so, relax, grab some pop-corn and wait until October. I know its hard for you to wait until you meet me
  9. Oh come on buddy, Vivi was joking like most on this thread, even XA.
  10. I will set up a hidden livestreaming if something like that happens awesome job Vlad
  11. so, I assume they chose October to compete against AOOC?
  12. Damn all of you, I could send a pm but I prefered calling Viss, right buddy? kidding
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