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  1. Was about to comment on screenshot being higher, lmao. Nice work.
  2. Agreed for this. Also, stock SA is typically 0.85V, so +0.35 is 1.2V most of the time.
  3. Honestly I've only had one CPU ever that seemed unable to do 2666C8, but it was pretty early on with me OCing Haswell. Most CPUs will work with typical volts (+0.35/+0.15/+0.2) or "Bullant" (+0.08/+0.06/+0.180). Or, like my 4770K, they need stupid IOD just to get 2666C8 to post (+0.4) but then will do 2770C8 fine on air. With a little cold on SS, it works fine like any other CPU though. Samsung OC was also totally unaffected compared to other CPUs.
  4. Holy crap, when I saw these scores on the forum I thought it was E6400 as the clock was so high for even chilled ambient. XD
  5. I've been playing with my board the last two days, and I can say that the MCHBar is loose on the -UD3 boards as well as the -Extreme(s). So it is definitely doable to squeeze some efficiency out of them. Probably 4-5s at least in 32M. Might give is a spin on 32M 4GHz LCC for funsies. Edit: not sure high fsb 1T is possible though, I set 1T at 640MHz and OS froze.
  6. Very, very nice. Probably can say blanket all P45 is somewhere around that range for NB Ref as on the EP45T-Extreme it looks like I used x0.565. Suprised that such low cpu clock skew worked fine, I normally need 150ps minimum (EP45T-Extreme again). Also, I never found anything other than 900ps to work well for cpu clock drive. As for air post, I think I managed to get to splash screen on old (dead) EP45T-Extreme with 720 all air. Rip, need to have another go at resurrecting it.
  7. Waiting patiently... You going to return the favour and post any tips?
  8. Umm, so apparently I missed the insane mem freqs going on in this bench. :O
  9. We still have the issue of affinity incorrectly locking the frequency on all cores to that of the core the affinity is set too, which is a cpu-z issue obviously. So not sure you can fix that without forcing integration of benchmate or something similar. Also, all this drama for a bench anyone who has any interest in efficiency or tweaking will ignore?? Seriously?
  10. Nice work! Edit: have you tried crossflashing the 4CoreDual BIOS to get better CPU support (quads, etc)?
  11. Team ranking? Uh oh, OCN gonna lose top spot?
  12. Technically this is fine as it is pre LGA156, checked by mods too.
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