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  1. Well we can't use Catzilla for obvious reasons. I also note the suspicious amount of AM3 stages, I wonder if someone has a preference. If you really want to troll people, then Conroe bclock...
  2. Pls ban this guy, seriously. While I can't say I envy your position, if you leave that means there are very few people left.
  3. No, sorry. As of today this sales thread is on-hold, i.e. I have not sold, or am currently selling the items listed.
  4. PSC and AM3 mobo sold and waiting to be shipped.
  5. Yes, some of the 3870s are crazy good on stock. I had one that did 959 or 972 and it would have done +1200 on water with mods I think.
  6. According to Tagg you need to remove some ucode that you are replacing with the Xeon version, if not you get random instability and issues with ram OC. Or something like that.
  7. Yeah, I think me and Obscure were modding the BIOS wrong. Very unstable even with L3014.
  8. Bump, price drops - buy my stuff pls. 😧
  9. Check out my hypers. 😛 /s 2100 6-7-5-20-64 1T PL6 works fine for 1M, ran out of LN2 before trying 32M. RP4 was unstable in 1M, didn't try lower RAS or RFC but probably can be tightened a bit. 1.95V worked fine for me. Edit: also this was 1M with wazza, so at least some stability needed for that.
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