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  1. Any of the Intel CPU (and all GPU) DDR stages, due to the Asrock boards and 775 CPUs. Edit 1: Nvm, I'm an idiot for three reasons: listened to Yos (what a mistake, haha), the restrictions weren't showing on the comp pages yet, and I didn't actually mean socket adaptors. So what I really wanted to ask was if the Asrocks boards that do silly things like DDR1 on 775, or DDR3 on 1151 are allowed? Edit 2: Moving the start date to the 1st gives two full months as per normal, so I don't see why not tbh.
  2. It seemed that cold scaling was down to individual sticks regardless of bin, IC, or PCB in my testing. However, my LN2 results seem to show that my 8117 sticks did 2800C6 at lower volts than ST PCB despite similar phase scaling.
  3. Binned my half-decent PSC sticks on phase the other day to check for scaling, ofc my best stick is apparently faulty and has issues booting sometimes.
  4. I actually tested them the other day when binning my PSC on phase:
  5. For the record: https://hwbot.org/submission/3964535 But this is now sold and awaiting shipping.
  6. X04 was better for PSC overclocking, but may have some issues with G3258.
  7. All of my results on my profile for 478 & 462 are with these items. NF7 is pending however.
  8. For sale are: Asus P4P800-E socket 478 motherboard with volt mods & 12x CPUs. £30. CPUs: 1x SL7E5 (working). 2x SL7E5 (unknown/issues). 2x SL7PN (unknown/issues). 1x SL7PM (working). 3x SL7E2 (working). 1x SL7B8 (working). 1x SL6WK (working). 1x SL6PE (working). Volt mods (top to bottom): LLC. OCP. Vcore. DFI NF7 socket 462 motherboard & 4x CPUs. £30. SOLD CPUs: 1x AXMH2500FQQ4C. 2x AXDA2500DKV4D. 1x AHM1200AJS3B. Prices do not include shipping & items are located in the UK. Pictures:
  9. It's a bug with XTU, supposedly there is an XTU V2 in the works, but it's not released yet.
  10. You can manually set RTLs most of the time, there are just some edge cases where auto works better. OCF also sometimes seems to struggle with high freq samsung more than the Impact 7. The Giga LN2 board is obviously the best board for mem oc though.
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