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  1. There is a REX repair thread somewhere on this forum, I would link it, but can't find it right now.
  2. Everyone can still bench their favourite benches of course, but might not get any internet points for it. *Shrugs*
  3. Yeah, but you can also edit it under your profile.
  4. Err, wprime is not generally "comparable" on old hardware. There are loads of scores with crazy efficiency and large gaps sometimes in the rankings - maybe even due to people in the past using the dll tweak in the past and not disclosing it. Also, merry bunny extracting christmas everyone. 😅
  5. Old news, old complaints. Definitely not a bug, at worst "shady" OS tweaking. The thread on Terra's score covers the arguments for why this is reasonable and within the rules well. Obviously it might be worth considering if the rules need tightening, but...
  6. Ahhhh, fair enough - I didn't get that from your previous messages. Might be a struggle to balance all the point caps, but I guess that can be figured out after the transition when people start to farm stuff - flashbacks to XTU. 😧
  7. Wait 1st place always gets the same points? That would only work for global points imo, as there will always be enough total subs. For hwpts this just won't work I don't think. It needs to scale with number of subs.
  8. That's some insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane effi! Also, is that a mini-SS for NB I spy?
  9. Also "cheating" is just one of the default options when reporting a score, it probably should be reworded as quite a few people have, err, lost it, after being reported with this reason.
  10. While I might be slightly biased on this , it would be nice. As we know CPU-z can be bugged with validation frequencies, but that is also true for core clock and mem clock.
  11. Going to chip in again here, Catzilla has had an awful lot of issues over the years - not happy seeing it have globals.
  12. Please remove MaxxMem entirely, it's super buggy and inconsistent. Other than that, everything seems "fine".
  13. Might want to remove his address, shouldn't be posting that online regardless of how bad a seller they are.
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