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The official GIGABYTE X99 Champion Challenge thread.


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i wish gigabyte would release some mod info for there gt 730. they have a nice 730 model with the full amount of cuda cores and gddr5 mem. there are so many different versions, some with only 96 cores.


i wonder if we will see a lot of e powered subs.


does anyone have any mod info for the gt 730

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whats going on with the temerature bug in XTU? i use ENG language settings but still no show maximum cpu freq and temps. but anyway if subzero is allowed stage 1-2-3 make no sense to fix it? am i right?

one more thing, do we have an uncore cap? 4G/4G only or results like 4G/4.5G are allowed?


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it seems the 6 core has an advantage in stage 1. Is it possible to disable 2 cores for 5960x and only divide score by 6. It's cool though that the cheaper processor has a slight advantage. wish I would have held on to mine. This is my first oc-esports comp and it's a lot of fun. The speed caps really make it a lot more interesting.

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Small heads up, please read the rules when you do all the work for benching... on 3d stages gpuz VGA tab and sensor tab which shows the max clock during run is asked for... - and read the 3d01 verification screenshot rules

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