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The official ROC OC Showdown Formula Series Round 3 thread.

Christian Ney

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OP reserved for moderation updates


Submissions Check:

  • 01.12.15 - 23:12 (GMT+1) TOP20
  • 13.12.15 - 18:09 (GMT+1) TOP10


Screenshot Examples:


Hardware Limitations:

  • Must use a motherboard manufactured by ASUS [04.11.15]
  • ASUS' ROG Maximus VIII Ranger, Hero, Gene, Impact and Extreme allowed [06.11.15]
  • You can use different setups/components [15.11.15]
  • Only use one GPU for Realbench [15.11.15]


Temperature Limitations:

  • HWMonitor must be started before starting the benchmark! [04.11.15]
  • In HWMonitor both CPU Temperatures and Utilizations must be visible in screenshot (see Screenshot Examples) [04.11.15]
  • Stage 1 (XTU), the CPU load temperature must be higher than 20°C [04.11.15]
  • Stage 2 (Realbench), the CPU "Min" temperatures (Core) must be higher or equal to 20°C (in HWMonitor) [04.11.15]
  • Stage 3 (HWBOT x265 1080P), the CPU "Min" temperatures (Core) must be higher or equal to 20°C (in HWMonitor) [04.11.15]


Operating System Limitations:

  • Stage 1 (XTU): No limitation [04.11.15]
  • Stage 2 (Realbench), Windows 8/10 based OS allowed only in combination with Skylake platform and systems without bus clocking abilities [04.11.15]
  • Stage 3 (HWBOT x265 1080P), No limitation (HPET must be active in Windows 8/10 based OS) [04.11.15]


Moderation decisions:

  • 3055012 (Problem: Wrong system picture) Checked (Reason: System picture was submitted in another submission 3055007)
  • 3054986 (Problem: Wrong system picture) Removed (Reason: Other system pictures also don't match)
  • 3054977 Checked (Video provided)
  • 3054962 (Video asked) Removed (User is on vacation, can't make a video right now. Asked to have the score removed since it doesn't change anything now that he has no submission for stage 2)

Edited by Christian Ney
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minimum cpu temperature =20°C is idle or load during benchmark?


What about realbench ? Score isn t divided by the number of cpu cores ?




- temperature under load

- all benchmarks have score divided by cores


The competition is called >>>ROG<<< OC Showdown, not ROC :) I know, it rocks but... Fix the title on OC-eSports.io, please!


Fixed, good catch.

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