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Caseking - LN2 pretested CPU sale

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5200 1.39 on normal water is no joke,so sad to see some chips not scaling properly,i can imagine the pain of binning a few dozens on air,finding a great one on air and being walled at 6400 or somethin

The 4.8 GHz LN2 CPUs are blocked internally otherwise somebody else could just buy them over the normal shop. That's why the system thinks there is no stock but once we have the money we manually move the specific CPU into the specific order. That's why :)

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6666 HWBOT prime ;)


Didn't check/push anything more, no LN2 for it, I barely managed to fill 3x thermal flasks with the end of my dewar (in fact I was surprised there is still something). I have exams now and I should study, but when UPS came to my door today, I couldn't resist to check if chip is alive or not hahaha ;) I spent most of LN2 for CB/CBB tuning and did just 3 runs R15 Cinebench @ 6 GHz around -110*C, 6.2 -130*C, 6.3 -150*C and no more LN2 to test :(

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Thanks for doing this mate! I will not bin my own CPU again if you are offering the service.


Time + Headache of Returns + Ln2 + Lack of sleep = Priceless.


So you could say buy 3 chips or get confirmed great clocker seems like a no brainer.

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Hello Mr Roman, I am Neil, I am number 9 best overclocker in all Australian region. To be number won at the computex I need strong cpu, do you still have strong cpu for sale to make great nation of australian number won again? Product I am enquiring about would be the 9 cpu.


#9: 46X0967

HWBOT Prime @ 1.90 V: 6423 MHz*

CB: No

CBB: -160 °C

Price: 700 €


I welcome your reply by electonical message at earliest convience store service.


Warmest of regards and greetings ,,


Australian overclocker of the year 2013

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