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Caseking - LN2 pretested CPU sale


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My best one so far does HWBot Prime at around 6350 on OCF. Can do 06 4C/8T at around 6.25 on Impact. Lower on OCF. Around 6.4 in 05 on ASUS board. Again, lower on OCF.


Of the boards I have tried I have found that ASUS (only tried Impact) is better than MSI (Xpower) which is better than OCF, when it comes to CPU speed. Number of voltage settings related to CPU is ASUS>MSI>OCF. My guess as to the reason for this. But some CPUs don't seem to need/scale with the additional voltage settings. So, of course it depends on CPU.

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I finally got the CPU on Monday with no fault to Roman and it was just UPS being not nice to say the least. Well from the time of posting in the thread there was a small delay in getting the payment made although it was Xmas/NY holidays so I can certainly understand that. Payment was done via Paypal (no fees thanks guys) and literally within 45mins of payment I had my shipping number, now that is pretty great customer service. So in all I can't say thanks enough to caseking and Roman (for putting up with all my ?'s).


Now as for the chip itself I haven't had a chance to do much at all. I only got a chance to install it this morning and just did a couple of XTU runs to make sure I put the IHS back on again properly with a good amount of TIM. I was able to run XTU @45/45X @1.22v no issues. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have a better chance with the chip and will report back then.


These aren't for everyone and I can understand that, but I don't have the means to be able to BIN CPU's whether it's due to cost or just availability of the chips, then the time spent again selling them to recoup money. To anyone on the fence the customer service is impeccable and barring any time zone issues Roman has been more than happy to help me out and will no doubt be the same for anyone else. Oh and the warranty aspect is pretty dam awesome as well.


So in finishing, Roman thanks for your help mate and creating this service for us.

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