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HWBOT World Tour Seattle 2017 @ PAX - Cancelled


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  • Crew

Hi Guys.


Unfortunately the HWBOT World Tour will not be attending the PAX Seattle event early next month. Despite our best efforts, logistical and financial constraints mean that it's not going to happen.




The good news is that we intend to maintain our commitment to having two World Tour events in North America in 2017. Right now we are doing our utmost to attend DreamHack in Montreal on Sept 8th - 10th. Plans are not finalized yet, but we will confirm more details in the next week or so.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Had a feeling it would come down to something like this. Real shame it took so long to determine it wasn't going to happen. Won't be able to make it to Montreal as my vacation funds have been allocated to Seattle already.


I'm still going to be in Seattle regardless with a couple of friends since we booked our trip months ago. If anyone is in the same situation or lives in the area and wants to hangout, shoot me a PM. We'll be in 31st-6th.



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Less than a month of warning is going to throw a wrench into a number of people's plans, especially since for most vacation times have to be booked months in advance, not to mention those plane tickets and hotels (especially hotels, given how popular Pax West is).


Just over a month until DreamHack too, which is going to really complicate things for a number of people because it's not really much notice.


I'm glad to hear there's still a plan to have a North American stop, but my biggest question is this: what is going to happen if for some reason DreamHack doesn't pan out?

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This is a really big disappointment.


I already made financial commitments to Seattle and my wife planned our summer vacations around this event. I also skipped the PA meetup because I was saving my pennies for the Seattle event. Its not only the financial loss for me, but I was really looking forward to finally attending my first event and meeting some of the people I have become friends with over the years.


Not the end of the world but certainly a bummer, life goes on :)

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I have made plans also to miss pa so i could visit with my bud mllrkllr88 and the gang .. This is frustrating but .. spending money on other areas is obviously more important. Remove cash prizes from comps.. and make t-shirt sales and bench tables a priority. Happy Happy JOY JOY


I like my canadian brothers but show some love for the states bro. As someone once said "So SAD"


Special invites going out for OC party at my house Splave yer invited LOL Sorry limit 5-10 peeps. Invite only slackers :> Peace

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  • Crew

Sad to see it will not happen at PAX but glad to see it happening at Dreamhack.


I will be at PAX anyway and I could arrange a meetup for everyone that already plan to get there and still see each other. (Btw this is not HWBOT Initiative but my personal one)

@sunset1 event and benchtable are totally separated projects without impacts on each others ;) don't assume things you have no idea about please.


Looking forward to see some of you guys in Montreal.

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Had a feeling it would come down to something like this. Real shame it took so long to determine it wasn't going to happen.


I was sent the link to the thread here and wanted to respond.


First of all, I'm really sorry that we had to cancel the event at PAX and caused problems for some of you. I agree that the timing of cancellation was too late and we should have pulled it sooner if that had been possible. We were trying to find solutions for the problems we were facing until the last moment.


This is the first event in 4 years that we had to cancel and I hope it will be the last one. I won't go into details regarding what caused us to cancel it, but it simply boils down to PAX not being financially viable for the World Tour this year. We're trying to bring more attention and people to overclocking on a very tight budget with the World Tour and pursuing PAX as a venue would have jeopardized future events.


As the General Manager of HWBOT I take full responsibility for this situation and will do my best to avoid situations like this in the future.



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Massman, I must say that i think it's understood that things happen and its unfortunate.

Sometimes i feel better after a little whine :>



As far as Mr. Trouffman's insult,

Its an opinion about the focus of HWbot.


When and independent site fills the front page with ads and then articles of such, like it or not one does impact the other.

This is my personal opinion and I don't have to agree with the vision.

This has nothing to do with the value of your bench.


The Front page has at times taken on a new face, filled with for sale items like a used car lot and then articles of said items.


I Like the Bench Table like many of my friends do. I think its a cool item. No disrespect meant towards your hard work.


I serve the benchers first. I wish all of you well and hope you have a great week.

mark chickey aka sunset1

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  • Crew

Hey guys,


Catching up on this here too.

Yeah, it's a pity PAX won't go through. I will be there too no matter what since I had some plans already in the area, so same, if anyone want's to meet I'm all up for it :)


There is also no need to get all worked up. It's life and these things happen. The key is to be able to bounce back and as they say "the show must go on."

Keep in mind that these events are all community focussed, and as anyone that attended any in the past - they all had a blast. At the end of the day, that's what we are looking to keep on doing. Also, the education of enthusiasts to the art of overclocking at the World Tour is a key dimension to the events and a massive success.


For Montreal, as for the previous WT events. If anyone is willing to learn XOC, or make a first jump, this event is for you.

Also let me know if you need help, we've got some CPUs you can borrow on site, and it's no problem to figure out solutions to find containers if you don't have any.


Also sharing this thread on OCN for the alternative Dreamhack event in Montreal : HWBOT World Tour Overclocking Competition - Montreal 2017 - I'm also monitoring that one.

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