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Actually, for someone who doesn't know HWBOT, the front-page is very confusing. Too much information in one place.


I's not uncommon for webdevelopers to introduce a new frontpage design together with the significant upgrade. There are some completely new features as well, which means we had to get some new designs anyway. Better to do it all at once rather than pasting bits and pieces together hoping it looks somewhat okay.

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So hicookie is Christian Ney and comes from Austria in reality? That was a well-protected OC secret, but thanks to Hwbot the truth came out. :eek:

Looking forward to more previews, the profile looks clean and a bit fresher; scaling for high-res-displays is a big plus for sure.

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Looks nice, also the style is refresshing.


Some suggestions:


Would it be possible to add small achievement icons at the bottom of the profile?

But the my achievements tab probably takes care of that.


At the best scores below each line maybe in smaller font the used CPU and GPU?

But then again it may become too cluttered.

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