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Country CUP - Stage 14 design Poll


Country Cup Stage 14 Dual GPU  

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  1. 1. Change Stage 14 yes or no

    • No, keep configured as is
    • Yes, change to Firestrike Extreme and no server GPU limitation plz
    • Yes, change to Firestrike Extreme and impose server GPU limitation plz

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  • Poll closed on 11/09/19 at 10:59 PM

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Voted to keep as is because the competition has been open for a week.  Maybe not everyone likes it but it's not bad really - Fire Strike Ultra will absolutely run on cards that don't technically have enough VRAM (I've done it on various 1GB cards and a dual graphics setup with a 512MB primary), they aren't very competitive but wouldn't be for Extreme either and there's still plenty of scaling from how fast the cards are, it's not just a memory capacity benchmark.

RE: 'server GPUs' the Titan Z and Fiji Pro Duo were both positioned towards gaming as well, and have gaming drivers and overclockability.  Polaris Pro Duo is 100% workstation/server, no gaming drivers, hard to find and the only way to OC is use ati pixel clock patcher to remove the bios signature check then bios mod (or presumably if you found a way to hack the gaming drivers onto it).  Make of that information what you will.

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I voted for FSE and server limitations but I'd like to change my vote to don't change the comp at all, it's been up for a week and people really should've gotten their complaints in during the month or so that this stage was planned for. It's kinda silly to change the stage when there's been plenty of time to dispute it and some people have already gotten scores in.

As for server gpus, titan z was explicitly allowed before the comp with the comment "I have no problem with the big shot cards for Country Cup" which probably also extends to workstation cards. 

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every comp has its changes whether its started or not, happens every year, ( dont forget this, youre not the ones modding for whats right or not with the subs,sections and has to mod them), you got about 7 weeks to go in this country cup, whats diff ?, is it gunna make a diiference whats selected as the bench and what hardware, this is where overclocking comes in, use what you got, see how good you are or have some of you forgetten what to do with it, the reasons for the wanted changes, not too familiar with it lol,   there was a discussion thread for it but as usual all the whingers come out after its started to get this or that changed to their likings, GRTFU and get on with it if you wanna be in it

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  • Crew

K stage will reopen as Firestrike Ultra, the card limitations are gone.  Server CPU has been specified

Common guys, I got 6 pms that people want to change their vote. and two users mentioned it on top  in the thread... So the poll became kindda useless.... 



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