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Country Cup 2019 - Hellenic Team


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12 minutes ago, TASOS said:

Let's hope that you (+ one more person) are not the only members showing interest in Country Cup.



For certain, I know that Nikiforos ( Obijuan1983 ) is interested. I am sending him over an I7-920 ( good one ), to bench.

As for the rest, I also hope that some Greeks will show a basic interest.

Shame, because our country has some of the best benchers.

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The " big boys " are rarely ( almost never ), Team players.

Their interests start and end in two basic domains :

1) Their sponsors, prizes and ( maybe ) $$$

2) Their personal ranking position.

Sad but true. Let's see if any of the Greek stars, spends 5 liters of LN2 for their country.

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Really hoping to see good things from Greece, would be nice to have anyone dethrone AU. Certainly not holding out hope for USA as we seem to have a similar problem of the "big bois" not having much interest in this comp due to lack of modern HW. Even if you guys don't beat AU the more teams that put up a good fight, the more competition, and the more interesting and fun that the competition is.

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Thought to avoid commenting here but to sum it so we don't leave things unanswered:

a) people that know about businesses or have any basic sense should know that time is one of the biggest factors in life especially when something is not being done full-time.
We got fixed time per week for OC as we got families, work and studies. :)
b) when you get people to support you, the least you can do is to spend big part of that available time to "pay" that back. 
c) personal ranking or not, one could tell that you also see the Greek flag next to our name. Carries similar value as Greece finishing whatever rank on country cup if not more as we try to keep it there for quite some time.
d) I believe we have helped country/team competitions (not to mention sharing stuff in general) enough times in the past - doubt someone can call us out at this point without answering the same question about contributing for himself first.

Anyway, we will participate in the extend we can:
- as we will have a bit of time during the Xmas period
- because we can help and have no issues with Tasos and the rest.
- good excuse to bin some parts we got a while ago 

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