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We released Cinebench R20 from Beta to full boints version.

This is a test to see if we are on the right track, understanding the logic and current used coding.

To do:

Merging "with BenchMate" submissions

BenchMate integration via datafile

Splitting up into CBR20 single and Multi core

Integration in dropdown menu of Cinebench


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13 hours ago, keeph8n said:

I assume the typical covering of the rendered area a touch due to 1080p panels vs larger is still fine?

This rule makes no sense when used with BenchMate. File integrity check would block the score if you touch the rendering file. I also checked that the image swap cheat is still not possible on BM and indeed it still works.

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57 minutes ago, Leeghoofd said:

We can't impose  BM till we are 100% sure it will work with Win7. Once 10.6 is released to the masses we can re-asses things.

Maybe even impose in 2021, BM and Win8/10 only submissions...

i dont believe in imposing BM on everything. I consider we are still allowed to use Win XP, Win7, win8/10 strip down versions and we also have access to various server windows versions and part of the fun is to get optimized Operating systems for better scores. and that is part of the game.   Meanwhile i could not get benchmate to work on my Rampage II Extreme with W3540 any OS due to some ACPI check it does. We have to be careful so BM itself does not just become another bloatware impossible to get to start while we are minimizing the ways to cheat. Unless we also say everyone must use latest bloatware riddled OS and only the latest Drivers and latest Bios. ( that would be a loss for the sport though)

But to that effect I think we also need to know more about what actually is required as pre-requisite for Benchmate to work. At times we can already spend hours trying to get for example GPUPI to work due to some issues not related to Open GL nor the standard faq issues listed on the site and sometimes have to go through large part of forum to find that a  certain KB can cause issues or is required. Have faced a multitude of BEX64 issues as an example when using just standard VGA drivers rather than Nvidia bloatware drivers. Thus i could run GPUPI perfectly but can not upload as then it crashes trying to use it through Benchmate only to find i have optimized OS so it could not even start that one. And again, to make the interest wider we still need to ensure Legacy platforms and OS can be used.

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