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Windows XP SP3 x86 on Z490 (tested on APEX XII)

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Hello, after a few days of testing/trying here's the final ISO + TIBx for Z490

ISO: https://mega.nz/file/MJZB2CoA#uPgJY8HNq4Y2mCIuNLrk3ApwOsvo437pqvVpOLAn3hE

TIBx for Acronis 2020: https://mega.nz/file/gRJ23T4T#iFOmOUa6AansaVL-TwFcFurP484KAw53DB0c6NWhln0

This ISO based on WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL SP3 X86 - INTEGRAL EDITION 2020.9.9: http://www.zone94.com/downloads/software/operating-systems/123-windows-xp-professional-sp3-x86-integral-edition includes lots of patches for modern hardware which improves perfomance of modern CPU's and lots of other.

Additionaly integrated:

-  acpi.sys compatible with Z490

-  Microsoft USB 3.0 xHCI driver (Backported Win8 driver) - universal USB driver. All ports works without any issues

-  Samsung NVMe driver (Backported Win7 driver). Driver works during XP install. So you can install XP directly to Samsung Nvme SSD.

-  PAE 128GB RAM Patch (May have stability issues) - allows XP x86 to use up to 128gb of ram instead of traditional 4gb. May have stability issues with Nvidia drivers versions 332 and higher. Didn't test it though.

-  Kernel-Mode Driver Framework 1.11 (Backported Win7 driver). Needs for Microsoft Universal USB drivers to work properly

-  UAS/UASP driver (Improves USB storage device performance)

-  Intel xHCI driver by Stavros taken from win-raid.com

1. I wasn't able to install this ISO from USB flashdrive no matter what. I've tried lots of different software and methods (WinSetupFromUSB , Easy2Boot, Firadisk + Firahelper, Yumi ) , no luck. Always got errors after F6 and F2 messages during installation like ntkrnlmp.exe, some errors in txtsetup.sif, corrupted files etc. Allthough the same ISO installs perfectly from  CD/DVD drive without any issues. This might be somehow related to bios (i'm using 0088) or amount of ram (2x16gb in my case). So i suggest to use CD/DVD drive to istall ISO or direct install to drive from TIBx mount with Acronis for those who has no CD/DVD drive.

2. In case of installing from CD/DVD Drive, plug both HDD/SSD drive and CD/DVD Drive to Asmedia ASM1061 ports on motherboard. In case of APEX XII it's SATA_E1 and SATA_E2 ports, otherwise you'll get 7B BSOD during installation. It's related to INTEL AHCI drivers somehow not detected by Windows XP during installation (although they are integrated into ISO), but working fine after complete system install. You may switc SSD/HDD drive to Intel Sata ports after system install, it'll work fine.

3. As there're NVME Drivers for Samsung integrated into ISO, you may choose to install XP directly to nvme drive even if it's GPT. No problem here.

4. First boot into XP (after 3 reboots during install process) your device manager should look like this:


You may install those missing 3 PCI Device and SM Bus with Snappy Driver Installer (SDI), it's Intel LPSS, SPI and SMBus drivers.

5. Final system device manage in my case:



Good luck, hopefully this post will help and save your time.


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4 hours ago, yaqy123 said:

Any guides on installing windows xp Tibx mount with Acronis. Appreciate the good work on the Iso though.

1. Open Acronis

2. Add tibx by + button

3. Select tibx after adding it a press Restore

4. Chose destination disk to restore (all info on that disc will be erased)

5. press restore

6. reboot, press F8 during bios post and chose that disc where your restored

7. done

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On 12/3/2021 at 2:59 AM, d0minat0r said:

@Moonman I wait your results neighbor :)

I spend one to try make this os for z590 but no go :/

Only with this OS 3dmark 01 can work on asus boards.



A year after, I came to the same position as yours. 

Yes, Xp provided above working perfectly on z490 but no go for z590

Any fresh update on this? 

I spent many hrs of trying already and I am almost ready to give up. 

I am with gigabyte board, not asus :(

Thanks in advance! 



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