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The Official COUNTRY CUP 2022 Thread:


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  • 2 weeks later...

On the Nvidia Stage 4 comp for the GeForce 8xxx Series. Are the same GPU but different Memory configurations cards going to be allowed as separate submissions? IE.. The 8800 GTS comes as a 320mb, 512mb, and 640mb.

^ After looking again, THIS question can be asked for all the GPU STAGES.

Thank You

For Your Time

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3 hours ago, Peaches182 said:

my sub https://hwbot.org/submission/5127903_

Is not taken into consideration for the country cup - intel cpu stage CPU MAX.

I tried to submit again without any success. 

May I ask you to investigate ? Initally the verification link was missing. 

The stage is configured for amount of processor cores, so bl4ckdot's 13600K (6P) is blocking your score.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Happy new year to all! I wish 2023 to bring you peace and health. 

@Leeghoofd hi, I noticed that my valid UL score is not appear to CC 2022.

this is the one: https://hwbot.org/submission/5145908_

I put great effort to this, so, can you please check why removed from CC 22, amd, dual gpu, fire strike extreme stage? 

I checked all my other submissions and thankfully nothing similar observed. 

Thank you in advance, I am sure checking and moderation is on going, so wish you quick completion. 


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