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Born To Be Fast...ASRock Z77 OC Formula


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Last week ago I recived Package from Nick Shih ( Asrock ) when I open the new one ASRock Z77 OC Formula..he said to me " try it you will be like it "..so far tested on air cooling have promising. Some result on hwbot using with this board ..HKEPC OC Team and Nick Shih. I will testing later on this weekend after LN2 have stock again in my city.. here some detail this Motherboard





















OC Button : Rapid OC buttong new feature from Asrock








8 Pin + 4 Pin For Huge deliver CPU Voltage..



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I can't run spi32m with 4x2gb PSC on any of my Asus ROG Z77 boards


Asrock Formula & Gigabyte UD5/UP5 can do it .


Well that makes me feel a bit better, however I can't run PSC at those clocks/timings even with 2X2GB, always not exact in round or not convergent in square.


Also this chip I used for the above sub, would cb at -140c on the MVE, (55>00>55) until it is warmed up sub -140c, while on the Z77 OC Formula it is cb free and I can run full pot on it.


Like I was saying I am pretty sure it is my board:)

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Awesome, thanks for the heads up Loud!


How's the BIOS feeling compared to other vendors? Smooth? Easy to work with?


No problem, I have only tested it once with the bios Nick uploaded and everything is pretty smooth so far, no gripes on this end PJ:)


I bet you can run 2600 c8 on this board with much lower volts, than Giga or Asus.


If you load nickshih profile chip is automatically unlocked to 7.1 ghz


Dude, why didn't you tell me I was wondering why all my shi(f)tty chips don't do 7.1:D


In all honesty though I did test manually setting and Nick's profile and both worked, so that is a good sign. BBSE did not clock as well but there is a new bios I will try tonight Nick posted in the thread at XS this morning.

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some more results from testing 3226B988


Was testing a new chip tonight and did some 5Ghz runs with vdimm @ 1.8v


First up is all auto on secondary and tertiary timings, all I did was set 8-12-8-28-1T and the rest is magic . . .




then I tested 1276 8-11-7-27 and surprisingly it was about the same as 2600 8-12-8




and then a decent 2600 run




also was able to get an 06 run in





this board is awesome, I just need a good chip which seems like it is never going to happen:rofl:

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